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Honey box 3 flavors
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Honey box 3 flavors

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Region: Sicily Honey box 3 flavors: Strawberry flavored honey 250g                                Mandarin flavored honey 250g...

Honeydew honey

Region: Sicily Honeydew is born from the metabolism of aphids and other small insects that feed on the sap of trees in those areas where the...

Chestnut honey

Region: Sicily Honey whose color varies from dark walnut to almost black, with a sharp and strong perfume and a bitter taste, rich in iron, tannin...

Eucalyptus honey

Region: Sicily Honey with a light walnut color, an aromatic smell and a strong flavor. For its antiasthmatic, anticatarrhal and antiseptic...

Lemon honey

Region: Sicily Monoflora honey very valuable present mainly in southern Italy where lemon plants thrive. Light in color tending to white, it...

Sulla honey

Region: Sicily Light-colored honey with a delicate flavor, it has emollient characteristics and is slightly laxative and diuretic.