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Garlic cream

Region: Calabria This cream has an intense and typical aroma, rich and persistent flavor, softened by the taste of extra virgin olive oil. It is...

Tuna cream

Region: Calabria All the authenticity of the tuna in a creamy delicacy to spread. Try it for bruschettas with a fresh and summery flavor.
Box of 6 assorted cream
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Box of 6 assorted cream

€11.00 €15.00
Region: Calabria Box 6 pcs: Porcini mushroom cream 314ml                 Turnip greens cream        212ml                 Red onion cream...

Artichokes cream

Regione: Lazio Delicate artichoke cream, with the addition of Mediterranean spices. Excellent for filling bruschetta and canapés or as a base for...

Green olives cream

Region: Lazio This cream of green olives is made with artisan care and passion, using only extra virgin olive oil and Sicilian green olives....

Black olives cream

Regione: Lazio Cream made with finely chopped black olive and mixed with extra virgin olive oil. The ingredients that are added are simple and...

Dried tomato cream

Region: Calabria Made from excellent ripe tomatoes and left to dry slowly, to which is added extra virgin olive oil, basil, oregano, garlic and...

Zucchini cream

Region: Lazio The delicate taste of this pate makes it excellent for seasoning bruschetta or for creating sublime and refined dishes.

Porcini mushroom cream

Region: Calabria A fragrant and rich sauce, free of preservatives and dyes, in which, the porcino has the leading role with its pleasant smell and...