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Sliced mortadella

Region: Emilia Romagna The pure pork mortadella is a cooked sausage, cylindrical or oval in shape, pink in color and with an intense, slightly...

Smoked salami

Region: Trentino Alto-Adige Mixed pork - beef salami, with an unmistakable and pleasant flavor. Typical of Trentino - Alto Adige, they are very...


Region: Lombardy  Produced with highly selected meats, absolutely free of spices and various drugs, obtained only with the addition of salt and...

Donkey salami

Region: Lombardy  Cylindrical with central handmade binding, it has a tender, compact and non-elastic consistency. Its slice has a fine red...

Goat violin

Lombardy region This unique cut of meat produced with the goat's thigh and shoulder really has the shape of a violin, with the paw to act as a...

Roe deer violin

Region: Lombardy  The roe deer legs are salted and spiced according to ancient methods using as ingredients, among others, salt, pepper, juniper...

Venison salami

Region: Lombardy  Nutritious and appetizing, salami with venison lends itself perfectly to original snacks and as a complement to appetizers....

Venison bresaola

Region: Lombardy  Produced with the noblest parts of the deer, it is a highly nutritious and restorative food. Free of impure substances (being the...

Pork slinziga

Region: Lombardy  Same processing of the most famous bovine variant, is obtained from pork loin. Tasty, lean and pleasantly spiced ... to try!

Beef slinziga

Region: Lombardy  Using the same quality of bresaola meat, much smaller pieces are prepared, put in psalms in special basins, all covered with a...